Nail Fungus Treatment Ingredient Comparison

– Nail Fungus Ingredient Comparison Chart –

Topical treatments are the product of the combination of their active and inactive ingredients.
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 Rank 1 - NailRENEWNailRENEWRank 2 - FunginixFunginixRank 3 -ZetaclearZetaclearRank 4 - Nail RXNail Rx
Editor Review
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Overall Score*98.9 / 10097.6 / 10096.7 / 10089.3 / 100
Undecylenic AcidCheckCheck
Vitamin ECheckCheck
Coco BetaineCheck
Aloe BarbadensisCheckCheck
Tea Tree OilCheckCheckCheck
Propylene GlycolCheck
Almond OilCheck
Clove Flower OilCheckCheckCheck
Menthol OilCheck
Jojoba OilCheckCheck
Propolis ExtractCheck
Lavender OilCheck
Thymol Oil
Sunflower Seed OilCheck

* Not a scientific study of product efficacy. Individual results may vary.

– Top Recommended Product –

Rank 1 - NailRENEWProduct Score*:98.9 / 100
Sample Size:20,000+
Rank Change:0
Website:Visit Site
Active Ingredient:Tolnaftate
Means of Nail Penetration:PEG-8
Customer Rating:5 Star Nail Fungus Product
Policy:Full 60 Day, Money Back Guarantee

* Not a scientific study of product efficacy. Individual results may vary.

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