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Active Ingredient:Tolnaftate
Means of Nail Penetration:PEG-8
Customer Rating:5 Star Nail Fungus Product
Policy:Full 60 Day, Money Back Guarantee

* Not a scientific study of product efficacy. Individual results may vary.

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Editor Review

Badge-2NailRENEW combines modern science from both the medical and cosmetic fields. It is a pearlescent liquid with a lower viscosity than other treatments administered through a bottle drop applicator, a quality designed to help allow it to permeate the nail easier. This proprietary mixture of proven ingredients (Tolnaftate(link 5)) including mild surfactants and compounds result in a unique delivery system. NailRENEW fights fungal agents by helping to penetrate underneath the nail bed where fungus develops and spreads.

NailRENEW is formulated with clinically proven ingredients in a FDA registered facility. The active ingredient in this formula, Tolnaftate, is an FDA approved antifungal (link 5). Tolnaftate is helped delivered throughout the nail using the mild solvent PEG-8 and a proprietary mixture of mild surfactants and compounds. The result is a delivery system designed to penetrate deep to fight off fungal infections. Based on reviews from our team, editors, and user reviews, we recommend NailRENEW‘s highly researched and effective formula. For best results, use in close accompaniment with our Treatment Guide. Combined user ratings suggest NailRENEW to hold the highest success rate currently on the market in 2015 and earned our endorsement as a top pick.

Some users with mild symptoms may report visible results sooner than others and healthy regrowth of nail occurs within a little over a month or two<sup(Link 4). Reported results included reduced redness, swelling, and reduced pain underneath the bed of the nail and the surrounding skin. NailRENEW honors a Full 60 Day Refund Guarantee on all purchases, no questions asked.

In a crowded market, NailRENEW continues to make waves with a new updated formula. It is our most recommend nail fungus treatment for both the treatment of toenail and fingernail fungus. NailRENEW is designed for all strands of nail fungus including white superficial onychomycosis, distal subungal lateral onychomycosis, candidas albicans, and proximal subungal onychomycosis. NailRENEW now ships outside of the United States.

  • Holds the highest reported success rate
  • Blend of powerful anti fungal ingredients penetrate deep into the nail to target fungus at source
  • Fast acting formula
  • Top notch customer service and delivery
  • Best overall value
Company: NailRENEW Corp.
Treatment Type: Over the counter topical (OTC)
Total Treatment Time: Average 3-8 Weeks (varying by severity/number of nails)
Application: Two applications daily
Product Guarantee: 60 day full money back
Availability: Manufacturer’s Official Website
Official Website:
Customer Service: Excellent, Phone/Email

Penetration: PEG-8 
Active Ingredient: Tolnaftate 

NailRENEW is designed to be used over the course of months, however, some may see results sooner than others and individual results may vary from person-to-person. Reported immediate results include reduced redness, swelling, and pain underneath the nail and the area surrounding the nail bed as well as a decrease in discoloration and cloudiness. Some users may report noticeable changes and regrowth within the first few months*. NailRENEW’s sophisticated formula holds its spot as our most recommended formula for the successful treatment of both finger and toenail fungus.

*Data is based on cumulative reviews and research and the opinions of our editors. Individual results may vary.

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nice customer service

Apr 22, 2015 by Agatha

very nice customer service and quick delivery

Relieved ( :

Feb 28, 2014 by Hannah

i tried undecylenic acid based treatments for months, extremely frustrating.. nothing. i tried this and i'm looking good. it's nice when things do what they say they will.

clear nails again

Feb 14, 2014 by Best out there

a little pricey but worth every penny. i used like 7-8 drops a day against the labels instructions.. i don't care and it's paid off. try this and remember to file off as much of the crud beforehand as you can.

Great Idea

Feb 07, 2014 by Chip

I used tolnaftate based product for my ringworm but it didnt work on my nail fungus. whatever this does to get underneath the nail must work or maybe it\'s something else in the formula. after a couple of weeks i saw way better results than i did with the natural stuff and i think i\'m on the track to completely clearing this up, already less lousy.

Thank heavens

Feb 01, 2014 by Ashley

I tried vicks, foot baths, and countless stuff over the counter that all barely helped if at all.

Real Deal

Jan 13, 2014 by Dani

This is the real deal, I bought three bottles and ended up using two. Good luck. I recommend it. I saw some results right away but it took about month and a half to do the trick.

4.8 5.0 6 6 very nice customer service and quick delivery NailRENEW Top Pick

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