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Onychomycosis (also known as “Dermatophytic Onychomycosis,” and “Tinea Unguium”) is a fungal infection of your nails. It is among the most common diseases that plague the nails and affects roughly 10% of the adult population (source:  Anyone can contract nail fungus and with diligent attention and basic treatment nail fungus may take a matter of weeks to months worth of treatment.  The problem lies with the few who ignore the symptoms and allow their minor bout of nail fungus to become a serious problem requiring extensive and often prolonged treatment.  If ignored, a case of nail fungus that may be considered minor can progress to a more severe case and investment in your time.

Do I Have Nail Fungus?

Do you have yellowish, purple, black or discolored nails? Are they brittle and thick? Are they rough to the touch or flaking? Is the area around the nail bed irritated? These are some common telltale signs of nail fungus during its various stages. The good news is that if you detect the fungus early on treatment it may be far more effective, easier, in terms of your recourse. Nail fungus may spread quickly, especially toenail fungus, which thrives in warm moist environments such as your socks in closed toed shoes. (source:

What Happens Next?

Nail fungus may spread and worsen if not addressed.  Caught early on and with strict adherence to our nail fungus guide and a topical product containing the correct formulation of active antifungal ingredients you may achieve results within a few weeks to a few months, results will vary depending on treatment option of your choice.  As time passes if left untreated, the nail often become more dull and brittle and are susceptible to causing pain, disfigurement, irritation, and may separate completely from the toe. (source:

If you follow a strict regiment of caring for your case of nail fungus you may start seeing an improvement and help promote new growth sooner than later. Our nail fungus treatment guide provides step-by-step instructions for properly treating your case of nail fungus and is completely free. There are other options available to treat nail fungus rather than expensive surgery, laser therapy, or potentially taxing oral medications.


 Laser Treatment
Lazer Treatment for Nail Fungus
Oral RX for Nail Fungus
surgical treatment for toenail fungus
Topical Treatment
Topical Toenail Fungus Treatment
Cost EfficientXXXYes
Safe & NaturalXXXYes
Zero Longterm Side EffectsXXYesYes
Guaranteed Money BackXXXYes



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