Choosing a Nail Fungus Treatment

Ingredients Proven to Treat Nail Fungus

Choosing the Right Formula


Most Nail fungus treatment formulas do not differ all that drastically. Some topical treatments contain core ingredients at high enough levels that they may cause skin irritation while others have no crucial active ingredients at all. Don’t waste your time with useless home remedies or generic, overpriced topical solutions that could potentially worsen or irritate your case of Nail fungus. Instead, use the information provided to your advantage and select a safe, effective Nail fungus treatment that contains the right combination of active antifungal ingredients.

Listed below are high performing ingredients that have been classified as antifungals or for other qualities that help to treat nail fungus:

Active: Undecylenic Acid

undeclynicacid-chemicalstructureUndecylenic Acid is an FDA approved antifungal and antibacterial ingredient proven to treat conditions such as finger and toenail fungus (“Onychomycosis”). Undecylenic Acid is a critical active ingredient when treating toenail fungus and most effective at a 10% concentration level.

Active: Tolnaftate, 1%

tolnaftateApproved antifungal listed in the FDA’s monograph is a powerful chemical used to target nail fungus and other infections. It is commonly reviewed as being a more effective active ingredient for treating nail fungus than other FDA approved antifungal listed on their monograph (link 7).

Sunflower Seed Oil



Sunflower Seed Oil is also known as Helianthus Annuus. This oil extracted from Sunflower and contains vitamin E, A, D and fatty acids. The main purpose this oil serves is as antifungal is to help penetrate deep into the surface of the nail into the source of the fungal infection.

Tea Tree Oil

Also known as Melaleuca Oil, Tea Tree is a natural oil extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia. The oil has been proven in clinical studies as effective in the battle against Nail fungus as Clotrimazole (Lotrimin) (Link 8). Undecylenic Acid and Tea Tree Oil work together to treat fungus while allowing the the surrounding skin to maintain its health and beauty.



Peg-8 also known as Polyethylene Glycol, is a clear viscous liquid that is hydrophilic. It’s main purpose in nail fungus treatment formulas is to help penetrate the nail bed to deliver antifungal components to the source of the fungus. It is commonly used in formulas to deliver Tolnaftate through the corneocytes within the nail to deal with fungus.


Nail Fungus Ingredient Comparison Chart

It is recommended and strongly advised to take these three crucial ingredients into consideration whenever selecting a product treatment for Nail fungus. These three active ingredients play a crucial role in penetrating into the nail and targeting fungus. We do not advocate the use of any other ingredients on our site. Other treatments including laser, home remedies, surgery, and liver taxing oral antibiotics are seen as a last resort.

Topical treatments are only as good as the ingredients of which they are comprised.
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Editor Review
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Overall Score*98.9 / 10097.6 / 10096.7 / 10089.3 / 100
Undecylenic AcidCheckCheck
Vitamin ECheckCheck
Coco BetaineCheck
Aloe BarbadensisCheckCheck
Tea Tree OilCheckCheckCheck
Propylene GlycolCheck
Almond OilCheck
Clove Flower OilCheckCheckCheck
Menthol OilCheck
Jojoba OilCheckCheck
Propolis ExtractCheck
Lavender OilCheck
Thymol Oil
Sunflower Seed OilCheck

* Based on aggregated user reviews. Not a scientific study of product efficacy. Individual results may vary.

Nail Fungus Procedure Options

 Laser Treatment
Lazer Treatment for Nail Fungus
Oral RX for Nail Fungus
surgical treatment for toenail fungus
Topical Treatment
Topical Toenail Fungus Treatment
Cost EfficientXXXYes
Safe & NaturalXXXYes
Zero Longterm Side EffectsXXYesYes
Guaranteed Money BackXXXYes

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