Nail Fungus Symptoms

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Beginning Symptoms

It’s a huge benefit to catch nail fungus early at the onset of any symptoms.  Be on the lookout for the following:

  • Nail becomes thick as fungus begins to grow under nail bed.
  • Discoloration of nail – white streaks, black dots, yellowing, green or purple tint.
Nail Fungus Early Stage

Early Stage – Nail Fungus

Escalated Symptoms

As the nail fungus begins to grow under the nail bed and spread you’ll notice visible changes to the nails shape and texture.  Some escalated nail fungus symptoms include:

  • Nail crumbles, becomes brittle, or flakes.
  • Nail is irregular in shape.
Nail Fungus Escalated Symptoms

Escalating Symptoms – Nail Fungus

Final Symptoms

If left untreated, the difficulty of treating the nail fungus increases drastically.  As the nail thickens the ability to penetrate the nail bed where the fungus grows and spreads becomes a much more involved process involving filing of the nail bed and trimming excess nail with clippers prior to applying a topical treatment. New symptoms arise including:

  • Nail becomes extremely thick and begins to break.
  • Onycholysis (separation of the nail from toe).
  • Pain and irritation surrounding the nail bed, inflammation and swelling may occur.
  • Further infection grows and spreads to other nails and/or the surrounding skin.
final stages toenail fungus - oncholysis

Final Symptoms – Nail Fungus



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