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Fungus: Black Nail fungus (specifically, toenail fungus) quickly develops into a serious condition that spreads to other nails. One-in-four people will experience some form of nail fungus during their lifetime and struggle in search of a cure.

Symptoms: Discoloration and thickening of nails, generally turning yellowish, green, or black and becoming brittle. If left untreated, nail fungus becomes progressively worse eventually flaking off, spreading, or resulting in complete separation from the nail bed.

Treatment Options: Black nail fungus is a difficult condition to properly treat due to the average time before seeing results and the general lack of understanding regarding topical treatments. Fungus grows underneath the nail bed, making it extremely difficult to target. Certain nail fungus products, like topical ointments, contain nail penetrating ingredients that treat fungus underneath the nail bed where it grows to more effectively treat it.

Q: What makes one Nail fungus treatment more effective than another?

A: Simple, Active ingredients

Choose nail fungus treatments based on Active Ingredients, never marketing, and follow the advice within our free Treatment Guide.

Topical Nail Fungus Cures

You asked for the best nail fungus treatments currently available on the market so we developed a criteria to rank them based upon their most important qualities. We looked past the marketing and at the nail fungus remedies themselves, their ingredients, price, effectiveness, and return policies to develop this simple comparison chart. With your combined feedback, our editors put together the following nail fungus product chart for your convenience:

Rank 1 - Funginix
Rank 2 Zetaclear
Nail Rx
Rank 3 - Nail RX
Rank 4 Dermisil
Rank 5 - Fungasoap
Overall Score99.7 / 10096.7 / 10089.3 / 10083.4 / 10078.1 / 100
Customer Rating5 Star Nail Fungus Product4 Star Nail Fungus Product3.5 Star Nail Fungus Product3 Star Nail Fungus Product3 Star Nail Fungus Product
Editor Review
Est. Sample Size20,000+20,000+20,000+10,000 - 20,00010,000 - 20,000
Success* 89.5%83.2%74.1%73.5%67.7%
Total TimeFastest (1-2 Months)Avg. (2-4 Months)Avg. (2-4 Months)Avg. (2-4 Months)Slow (3-6 Months)
Policy60 Day Full RefundRequired Restock FeeRisk FreeRisk FreeN/A
Product Safety SafeSafeSafeSafeSafe
Customer Support5 Star Nail Fungus Product3 Star Nail Fungus Product4 Star Nail Fungus Product4 Star Nail Fungus Product4 Star Nail Fungus Product

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