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Claripro is a unique topical and oral homeopathic solution working to rejuvenate beautiful hands and feet. Claripro’s blend of all-natural oils contributes to healthy looking nails by penetrating the nail bed to attack the fungus at it’s source. Claripro’s blend of oils works to protect the nail from future outbreaks, as well as smoothing the nail and softening the skin around it. The two part process includes the liquid blend of oils that is spread on the nails and an oral spray,

Ingredient Overview

Besides statements that the solutions are a proprietary blend of oils, the only information available regarding active ingredients is that the spray contains 20% alcohol. Ingredient Comparison Chart »

Product Data

Coat the nail with the clear nail solution at least twice a day, then spray the oral solution under the tongue up to three times a day.


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Sep 24, 2013 by D

Claripro is good but it's like $50, not really ideal.

4.0 4.0 1 1 Claripro is good but it's like $50, not really ideal. Claripro

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