Penlac Nail Laquer

Penlac Nail LacquerRANK:#18
Rank 18 - Penlac Nail LacquerProduct Score*:49.6 / 100
Sample Size:1,000 - 5,000
Rank Change:+1
Active IngredientCicloprax
Nail Penetration N/A

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Product Overview

Penlac Nail Laquer was formulated to treat fungal infections. It contains the active  antifungal ingredient Tolnaftate.  At the time of this review, Cicloprax. an unsual ingredient for treating nail fungus and it does not appear to be common in any other topical nail treatments. Penlac Nail Laquer can be purchased online or over the counter at select retail stores.

Ingredient Overview

Active ingredients: Tolnaftate 1%. Ingredient Comparison Chart »

Product Data

Thoroughly clean affected area with antibacterial soap and dry.  Apply to affected areas daily per labels instructions. Surrounding skin and cuticles should also receive an evenly distributed application of Penlac Nail Laquer using the built in applicator brush.

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