Amoresse Thymol

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Rank #8 - Amoresse ThymolProduct Score*:65.1 / 100
Sample Size:10,000 - 20,000
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Active Ingredient:N/A
Nail Penetration :N/A

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Product Overview

Amoresse Thymol has been reported to cause skin irritation and mixed results in effectiveness over the first month from various sources.  Amoresse Thymol was designed for the treatment of nail fungus, it is a topical ointment that comes with an applicator brush built into the lid.  It’s been available for years but it’s formula has yet to be updated in some time.

Ingredient Overview

Amoresse Thymol does not contain essential oils that are recommended for the penetration of the nail bed where fungus breeds and grows.  For more information regarding ingredient treatment breakdown visit the Ingredient Comparison Chart »

Treatment Data

Apply Amoresse Thymol liberally twice a day to the infected nail.  Adhere to any additional instructions as dictated on the label.  Strict adherence to our Official Guide to Treating Nail Fungus is recommended for achieving best results with any topical product reviewed on this site.

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