We rate products on our website based on a simple criteria. We factor in our survey results, opinion of our experienced editors and researchers, feedback from customers like you, and we purchase and test every product we review. We review our results annually and report our findings from the past year. We typically update our results within the first quarter of the calendar year.

Please take part in our survey to help improve our stats and share with us any products you’ve tried, your successes and failures help us rank products.

OVERALL SCORE: This is determined by the opinion of our editor and your feedback. We evaluate every product reviewed by purchasing the product and personally using it, evaluating the overall experience, purchasing price, shipping, return policies, and more.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Based on availability of toll free number, hours of operation, email support, response times and policies.

CUSTOMER RATING: This figure is a direct correlation of your feedback and survey results.

EST. SAMPLE SIZE: This is a direct correlation to the number of survey responses we receive on this website and via email.

EST. TREATMENT TIME: Individual results may vary. The estimated time taken to see results based on user feedback in our survey. It’s important to realize that these results may not be typical for all users and are not guaranteed.

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