Rank 1 - FunginixProduct Score*:99.7 / 100
Sample Size:20,000+
Rank Change:0
Manufacturer:Sisquoc Healthcare
Active Ingredient:Undecylenic Acid, 10%
Means of Nail Penetration:Tea Tree Oil
Customer Rating:*5 Star Nail Fungus Product
Policy:Full 60 Day Guarantee

* Based on aggregated user reviews. Not a scientific study of product efficacy. Results may vary.

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Editor Review

Funginix’s natural formula kills the fungal agents that attack our nails.

Funginix contains a blend of Undecylenic Acid and Tea Tree Oil. Conclusively, our team of experts, editors, and user reviews recommend Funginix’s highly researched formula in 2012. Combined user ratings suggest Funginix to hold one of the highest success rates on the market in 2014, second only to NailRENEW.

Some users reported visible results sooner than others and reduction of their infection healthy regrowth around the 3 month mark<span style=”color: red;”>*</span>. More immediate results included reduced redness, swelling, and reduced pain underneath the bed of the nail and the surrounding skin.

Funginix uses a combination of Undecylenic Acid and Tea Tree Oil in its formula at the maximum permitted concentration according to the FDA’s monograph (link 5).

Funginix continues to be a contender and one of our top most recommended formulas for the treatment of both finger and toenail fungus. The manufacturer, Sisquoc Healthcare, ships internationally to the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Singapore.

<span style=”color: red;”>*</span>Individual results may vary.

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A lot of products out there

Aug 01, 2013 by James

It\'s part of getting older.. Over the years ive used several products that never really seemed to clear up my nails (maybe i was impatient). Since i\'ve used funginix, and stayed with the daily applications each morning, i\'ve had normal nails again. i wanted to write this review because there is a lot of bull out there over promising and i dont want people to waste the same time i did.

Jul 28, 2013 by Fantastic?

I can't complain, I followed the instructions and saw good results are three weeks-ish. I hope I never have to deal with this again.


Jul 03, 2013 by USE IT

If you want something to clear tit up right that actually works the way it says it will, use this for a month. forget zetacleer or any of the other imitations

Thanks for this

Jun 17, 2013 by Anon

I tried every home remedy, this took care of it


Jun 10, 2013 by Chad Ling

This product did its job in the amount of time it promised. Only other product tried was amoresse with no luck.

never look back

Apr 21, 2013 by carly gross

I needed something fast for beach season after about six week my toenails finally cleared up

4.0 5.0 16 16 Still have it 4 months later, continue to use. Funginix

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