Why Is My Toenail Black?

Why Is My Toenail Black?why is my toenail black

Looking down at your feet from time, you might wonder, “Why is my toenail black?”  it can be very alarming.  There are topical solutions, which are recommended as a first means of treatment, and also other ways of assessing what is wrong with your toenail. Let’s look at what might be going on.

You will want to examine your fingernails and toenails because they are indicators, at times, of larger problems you may be having. Some of these problems will require medical treatment, you may be able to apply a topical treatment to your toenail to restore it back to normal. Generally, if your toenail is purple, you are dealing with nail fungus caused by a lack of circulation. If your toenail is yellow, you may have nail fungus, and if your toenails are clubbed, that could be a sign of something more serious.

Nail Injury

If you look down and see a black toenail, this could be caused by a few things, too. The first is nail injury, such as blunt force trauma. Have you ever dropped something on your toe, or stubbed it somehow? This cuts off the circulation to your toenail, thus causing the toenail to die and turn black. Another cause could be runner’s toe. If you run in shoes that do not allow your feet to breathe, you could get black toenails. This causes the toenail to die due to lack of circulation, thus turning it black. These are similar conditions and can be treated topically. In the future, remember to always run in shoes that allow your feet to breathe.

Black Toenail Fungus

Another possible cause is black toenail fungus, which can cause blood vessels to rupture, thus turning your toenail black due to abscesses, and in some cases because of melanoma, which may be benign. If this is the case, and you see black spots beneath your nails, and if you see black at the edges of your toenail cuticles, you’ll want to take immediate action and start treating your toenail fungus before it spreads to other nails.

The next time you look down and say, “My toenail is black,”, remember you’re not alone and there are a slew of solutions to remedy your nail problem.  Consider using our Treatment Comparison Chart to determine which topical treatment is best for you, so that you never have to deal with black toenails again, and you can feel confident about your bare feet again.


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2 comments on “Why Is My Toenail Black?
  1. Jamies says:

    Is it possible that blunt force trauma lead to a black nail.. but then the nail fungus is growing underneath it? Does Nail fungus have like a strict color?

    • Kristie Collins says:

      Jamie – Nail fungus doesn’t have a “strict color”. It can appear as a number of shades but is commonly yellow, white, black or even purple. Visit the “Nail Fungus Pictures” in the “Information” section of this page’s menu to see toenail fungus in multiple forms.

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