Does Bleach Kill Nail Fungus?

Does Bleach Kill Nail Fungus?

Does Bleach Kill Nail Fungus?

No, there is an ugly myth going around bleach will kill nail fungus. It’s also rumored to kill poison ivy, ringworm, and a host of other bacterial infections. This is absolutely ludicrous and anyone considering pouring clorox bleach on an infection is now forewarned. Pouring bleach on nail fungus will more than likely cause extreme skin irritation and put you at risk of a chemical burn.

Bleach is not formulated or intended for the topical treatment of any skin or nail fungus.

Does this may seem like common sense? To some, but there are people actually recommending this as a treatment and the victims who are misled into this course of action end up dealing with serious consequences. Anytime you use a product for anything but it’s intended use you are putting yourself in jeopardy. If you still don’t see the harm, call your physician and ask what they would recommend.

Nail Fungus (Dermatophytic Onychomycosis) is a bacterial infection of the nail bed onset commonly by unsanitary footwear, neglect, old age, or walking barefoot in showers or public dressing/locker rooms. Due to the location of the fungus (underneath the nail) it is increasingly difficult to target the fungus and thoroughly eliminate it. For this reason, there are a variety of home remedies and similar misinformation such as the bleach nail fungus treatment that we just ruled out.

Nail fungus is treatable. However, you need to take the proper course of action and with some patience and dedication you can restore healthy nails again. When evaluating a nail fungus treatment, you want to take a look at the ingredients it contains, in particular the ingredients that have been clinically proven to be antifungal.

Active ingredients such as Undecylenic Acid or Tolnaftate have known antifungal properties that are effective against nail fungus. These ingredients are far more effective at killing nail fungus than bleach and are designed specifically for that purpose. There are plenty of essential oils that work in unison with most antifungal formulas. Usually, these oils promote nail growth and have natural antibacterial or fungal qualities all of their own.

Once you’ve selected a nail fungus treatment¬†you should prepare for the second half of the battle. In order to do so, consult this free treatment guide that will walk you through the process one step at a time. The process for treating nail fungus is not overly complex but there are certain steps that are overlook which can drastically increase the time you see results. Simple steps like cleaning your nail file or clippers before using them to clip uninfected nails, or allowing time for a topical treatment to dry prior to putting on gloves or socks dramatically help.

In short, using bleach to cure toenail fungus is an awful idea under any circumstance and will likely do far more harm than actual good. There are plenty of perfectly suitable nail fungus treatments that deliver results quickly. Nail fungus isn’t something you want to share with friends or let them know about but it’s not the end of the world. Never skip a treatment and stay the course and you will restore natural healthy nails in due time.


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