Curing Toenail Fungus Fast

How to Cure Toenail Fungus Fast

curing toenail fungus fast

If you think you’re going to cure toenail fungus fast, you’re buying into a myth. Some toenail fungus treatments do work faster than others however. Often times, people become caught up trying out all the home remedies and witch tricks they read online rather than focusing on works. So.. what works?

We hold the opinion that if your goal is to cure toenail fungus fast that the best bet for success lies with nail fungus treatments containing clinically proven ingredients by the FDA to have antifungal properties. The FDA is an extremely credible authority in making these judgement calls and so we are adamant that you only treat nail fungus with these ingredients like Undecylenic Acid or Tolnaftate. You’re probably not familiar with these ingredients but they are in some of our top reviewed treatments.

Once you’ve selected one of the top reviewed treatments containing the ingredient we know will be effective we can dig a little deeper.

How to Treat Nail Fungus Fast

Selecting the right treatment is only half the battle. Once you’ve selected it, it’s time to setup a regular routine and stick to it! Here is what works for most people.

When treating nail fungus fast at home you want to have a regular schedule.. typically, immediately after you roll out of bed and before you get back into bed at night are the best times to apply a topical treatment.

  1. You will want to first wash your hands with an antibacterial soap and dry thoroughly. It’s important there is no excess moisture or residue on your hands after washing up. Next, any instruments you will be using to clip or file your nails need to be thoroughly disinfected before and after you use them. This is a surefire way to spread nail fungus to your other nails. Just wash them with the same antibacterial soap and hot water and dry them before putting them away.
  2. You’ll want to start by clipping away as much of the infected nail as possible.  This is a good step in treating the nail fungus faster because you can remove a good portion of it right off the bat. Do not clip off more than you can handle, you don’t want to overexpose your nail making it easier for fungus to enter. The idea here is to clip just as much as is comfortable.. do not cause yourself any pain by cutting nails extremely short.
  3. Next file down the ridges of the nail and the tops. This makes it easier for the essential oils to penetrate the nail and removes any excess bacteria on surface of the nail. This is often a skipped step by most people.  Don’t be most people, treat your nail fungus quickly and be done with it but don’t be unrealistic. Even a quick treatment period will last about a month and for severe nail fungus except two months for completely healthy regrowth of the nail and curing nail fungus completely.
  4. Once the nail has been filed down, using the topical applicator brush evenly distribute the ointment or solution on and around the nail being careful to also touch on the cuticle and run the bristles as far underneath the nail as allowed.
  5. Last but not least, allow some time to dry.  Seriously, this seems obvious but it will take some time for it to dry and putting on gloves or socks immediately after applying a treatment can absorb the recently applied solution deeming it ineffective for treatment. You wouldn’t wash your hands immediately after applying the solution so why would you put on gloves or wash dishes?

Common sense and patience will be the key along with the proper nail fungus treatment. If you are unsure, consult our product comparison for this year’s most effective treatments and reviews or give Funginix, the #1 ranked product this year a glance. They offer affordable deals and customer support along with approved ingredients to eliminate fungus.

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